Mr. Miracle


Beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber celebrates the most wonderful time of the year in this heartwarming Christmas novel of romance, hope, and the comforts of home—coming soon as a Hallmark Channel original movie!

Harry Mills is a guardian angel on a mission: help twenty-four-year-old Addie Folsom get her life back on track—and, if the right moment strikes, help her find love. Posing as a teacher at a local college in Tacoma, Washington, Harry is up to the task, but not even he can predict the surprises that lay in store.

After trying to make it on her own, Addie has returned home to Tacoma for the holidays, but this time she plans to stay for good, enrolling in the local community college to earn her degree. What she doesn’t plan to do is run into Erich Simmons.

Addie and her next-door neighbor, Erich, are like night and day. Growing up, he was popular and outgoing while she was rebellious and headstrong, and he never missed an opportunity to tease her. Now she intends to avoid him entirely, yet when they’re suddenly forced to spend Christmas together, Addie braces for trouble.

Perhaps it’s the spirit of the season or the magic of mistletoe, but Addie and Erich soon find they have more in common than they thought—and that two people who seem so wrong for each other may actually be just right. With a little prompting from a certain angelic teacher, the two are in for a holiday miracle they’ll never forget.


So I actually received this book back in June.  Of course, since it was a Debbie Macomber book, I could not wait until closer to the review date to read it.  So I started in on it right away!  OMG!  This book was so wonderful.  I wrote my review right away so I wouldn't forget anything.  However, I did hold back on posting it until it was closer to the release date. 

First off, Debbie introduces us to a new angel.  Well, technically, he isn't a new angel since he has been an angel for a long time, but he is new to us readers and this is his first assignment on earth.  Being new on earth has its ups and downs for Harry Mills.  He isn't sure what he is supposed to be doing with his charges.  And he certainly doesn't know how to handle human emotions.  They are completely confusing to him.

Not only do we get to meet the angel, but there is a whole cast of characters that we get to find out about.  The person that Harry was sent to work with is Addie.  However, there were several other characters that were introduced that could really use some help.  I would love to read a story about anyone of them, but none  more so then Dr. Conceito.  He was a real piece of work, but you just know that there is a major heart break of a story behind his nastiness. 

There was mention that this book has been contracted to be a Hallmark movie.  I can't wait.  They always do such nice jobs on their movies and TV shows.  I am completely addicted to the Cedar Cove series.

I just hope that we see more of Harry Mills and his misfit class of students.  

Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

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