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The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit guides you in opening up your intuition, removing blockages from your life, improving your relationships and realizing your highest potential. Here is the full text of the fables that were revealed by angels to the popular intuitive Tori Hartman and then lost for two decades. Week by week, you will explore the 49 fables, beginning with "Renewal" - the fable of Geranium, which promises a new beginning. This standalone book can also be used in conjunction with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, a divinatory deck of 49 cards, each one representing one of the fables.

Each fable is associated with one of the major chakras and has its own shade of colour (Geranium Red, for example) and a fairy-tale illustration; the visuals add extra layers of meaning to the words of the fable. There are five days of activity per week, each requiring just 10-20 minutes. On Monday, you read the fable and set your intention for the week. On Tuesday, you explore the meaning of the week's colour. Wednesday is the Journal Journey, when you complete a written task. On Thursday there are exercises in self-understanding, to be done alone or in a group. Friday has a guided meditation. Through short bursts of activity each day, the fables will seep into your life, giving you new perspectives and helping you to make the changes you truly want.



As a spiritual teacher, I found this book wonderful to work with.  The exercises were fun and easy to understand.  If you follow it along, it will take you one year to get through the book since it has 52 weeks.  Each week takes five days to do.  Then you get two days off.  You can take this time to further contemplate what you have learned through the week. 

I think some of my favorite lessons are the visualization meditations that come on Fridays.  I think that the week that I had the most trouble with was Cherry Heart.  This was about self-acceptance.  I have always been really hard on myself.  Much more so than I am of other people.  So to really take a look at myself and try to figure out why I don't fully embrace who I am was really troublesome.

The images in this book are really lovely.  It makes me want the companion deck to work with along side the book.  I would also love the deck to be able to use in my tarot & oracle readings.  I think this deck would really bring forth lessons that some of my clients could really use. 

Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

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