The Veil



The third book in Megan Chance's Fianna Trilogy. Book 1, The Shadows, and Book 2, The Web, will be available for request on NetGalley through August 25th!

Great stones crack and split. Storms will tell and the world is changed...

Seventeen-year-old Grace has found the archdruid who can teach her to use her power as the veleda—the priestess prophesied to save Ireland. But nothing is as it should be. The archdruid is a dangerous fairy, and Grace can’t learn the spells, no matter how hard she tries. Something is wrong...but what?

Meanwhile, gentleman Patrick Devlin and warrior Diarmid Ua Duibhne both struggle with their love for Grace, their duty to their warring brotherhoods, and their support of Ireland. And New York City is in chaos with protests, immigrant gangs, and police crackdowns. The only hope for the future is the ancient ritual, just weeks away, in which Diarmid must take the life of the girl he loves.

Secrets, legends, and prophecies collide in an explosive finale that will save the world—or destroy it.

Megan Chance is the award-winning author of several adult novels, including Bone River. A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington University, Megan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters. Visit her at



I had went into this series with a lot of hope.  I had never read any of Megan Chance's prior books, including the ones in this series.  However, I had heard a lot of great things about her writing.  So when I got the opportunity to review this book, I leapt at it.

That being said, I did have a little struggle to follow along with some of the plot points.  This was mainly due to the fact that I hadn't read the prior 2 books in the series.  There was some clarification along the way in the book, but not a lot.  So I felt that I missed out on some things.

I did like the characters greatly though.  I think part of that is due to my fascination with every thing Irish.  I love reading the old Irish myths and legends as well as learning about the history of Ireland.  This helped to keep me up to speed and keep me engrossed in the book.

The ending was a real tear jerker though.  Even though you know it was for the best, it isn't something that was wanted. 

Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

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