The Salvation of Dr. Who



Chart the intersection of faith and science through cult favorite Doctor Who.

Pastor and author Matt Rawle is on a mission. He sees Christ all around him—in books, movies, TV shows, rock music—and he wants to share what he sees. As Matt says, "God offers the raw ingredients, and 'culture' is whatever we cook up."

In The Salvation of Doctor Who, pastor and author Matt Rawle draws on the long-running TV show and cult favorite Doctor Who to chart the intersection of faith and science. Chapters include “Bigger on the Inside,” “God and Time and God’s Time,” “The Oldest Question in the Universe,” and “The Sonic Screwdriver Is Mightier Than the Sword.”
The Salvation of Doctor Who is part of The Pop in Culture Series of bible studies in which Matt Rawle stirs up a tasty gumbo of insight, humor, and inspiration based on some of your favorite pop culture classics. A DVD featuring four sessions with the author, a full Leader Guide, and a Worship Resources Flash Drive also are available for group study.



Being a die-hard Whovian & an extreme geek, this book was a perfect fit into my everyday spiritual life.  Warning:  If you have not seen Doctor Who or are not a sci-fi fan, then this book is definitely not for you.

Even though this book is showing how Doctor Who episodes correlate with the Bible and Christian beliefs, I was able to see these episodes as correlations to many other major religions as well.  I love being able to find knew ways to interpret ideas and beliefs through the usage of TV and entertainment.  This book does just that.

There are daily readings that help you to see similarities and will expand upon your already vast knowledge of Doctor Who trivia. 

The book could use a little more editing, but I did receive a galley of it.  So it probably hadn't gone through a final edit yet.  I am sure that once you read the fully released version, you will see how great this book really is.


Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

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