Angels–A 90 Day Devotional

Book Description

A 90-day devotional for 9-12 year olds that explores over one hundred Bible passages in which angels make an appearance, helping teen and tween readers separate between fact and fiction.

Guardian angels. Divine messengers. Fiery spirits. Winged cherubim. The realm where these beings live is invisible. Most of the time, so are the angels themselves. Are they real? What do we really know about them?

Angels: A 90-Day Devotional About God’s Messengers explores over one hundred Bible passages in which angels make an appearance. In addition, there are questions and answers, an exploration of myths and truths, hymns, Bible story retellings, pop culture references, and trivia that help readers sort fact from fiction. Through biblical scholarship aimed at ages nine and up, readers will have a better idea of what angels are and how God uses them as part of his heavenly kingdom—as well as gain understanding of God’s intent for us here on earth.



This was a wonderful little book that was filled with great information on Angels.  I didn’t realize how many times in the Bible that angels were really mentioned.  Of course, I knew the main ones, but they were mentioned so many more times. 

Plus I loved the references to them in pop culture such as songs, movies and art.  It helped to wade through what pop culture references actually have a Biblical reference point and which ones are completely fabricated to make for better sales.

So whether you are an adult wanting to brush up on your angelic knowledge or you have a youth that wants to learn more, this is definitely a great book to get. 

Each day is a very quick read.  It starts with the “chapter” heading.  Then it gives you a reference Bible quote.  Then a daily lesson follows.  Finally, there are three points that will get you thinking and wondering.  It helps you to open your mind and start to really think of things in your life that are examples of divine angelic presence.


Disclaimer:  I received this book free from in exchange for an honest review.  I did not receive any form of compensation.

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