Murder is No Accident



Young Maggie Greene may be trespassing in the old, empty Victorian mansion on a quiet street in Hidden Springs, but all she wants is some private time in the magnificent tower room to write her stories. Certain she'll be in trouble if caught, she hides when a realtor shows up. But someone else is in the house too, someone even more worried about getting caught. When Maggie finds the realtor's body at the bottom of a flight of stairs and the other person gone, Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane is called in. He assumes the realtor's death is a tragic accident--until a second person is found dead in the house. When Maggie is threatened, Michael must catch the murderer before anyone else dies.



This is the third installment of the Hidden Springs series by A.H. Gabhart.  I hadn’t read the prior two books, but I found this one a fun read.  So you can definitely read it as a stand-alone.  But trust me, once you read it you will be hooked!  So you might as well start with the first book in the series.  I know that I am going back and getting the two other books.

The characters were well written and definitely quirky.  I was really rooting for Maggie and Michael to hook up.  They just seem like they would make such a wonderful couple.

The mystery definitely kept me glued to the page just as much as the people in the story.  Even though I tend to read a bunch of cozy mysteries, I found that this was one book that wasn’t that easy to predetermine who the killer was.  I really like that in a story.  I hate when I can figure it out in the first few chapters and the rest of the book is just me saying that I already saw it happening.  I definitely could not say that about this book. 

It was completely fresh, lively and refreshing.  It is worth the read.  I look forward to seeing what else A.H. Gabhart writes. 


This books was received free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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